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Privacy Notice

The Dot-com Archive is part of the Contextualizing Email Archives project, which is funded by the Art and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and affiliated with the University of Bristol (Bristol). The website is hosted on Bristol’s UK based servers and our data production and privacy policies have been developed in line with its wider data protection policies in this regard.

We use a Bristol-based group email for the management of enquires received via the website. This account is monitored by multiple individuals both inside and outside of the University. The specific individuals with access to this account may change over time.

We retain web traffic logs to produce anonymised statistics to measure website impact.

Use of Third Parties

We also use Formspark to processes information submitted via the website contact and resource pack request forms, which is then stored by Formspark and in our Bristol group email account. Please see Formspark’s privacy and data protection policies for more details.